Made by Richards Chassis.  This fits both Left and Right hand drive. Hot dipped galvanized finish for superior long term corrosion resistance. This chassis is built to our favorite spec which incorporates a lot of the later improvements made by Land Rover. It uses the later style hand brake and front brake line mounting brackets as fitted from Series IIA Suffix C on. This is a direct replacement for all civilian negative earth 88s from 1967 to 1984. Will also fit Series II 1959 -1961 buy up dating hand brake relay shaft to later type. Extra features include: Reinforced front horns, auxiliary fuel tank out rigger, left and right hand exhaust mounts, OEM suspension bushings and a removable gearbox cross member. 


FITS: All Civilian 88 models from Series IIA Suffix C 1967 - Series III 1984 

Series IIA-III 88" Chassis

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